Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming in 320 SQ.ft

The Container Farm features two distinct interior zones: the Nursery Station and the Cultivation Area. Combined, the farm supports over 13,000 plants at once, ensuring that you always have a steady supply of crops

The Ultimate Seedling Starter Site

The Container Farm seedling nursery is located beneath the farm’s multi-purpose stainless steel table. Two independently- controlled seedling troughs house up to 4,608 seedlings at once, providing plants with perfect conditions in their first weeks of life.

Hydroponics: Ebb & Flow System

A series of sensors and pumps maintain perfect water conditions for the plants germinating in the table’s dual- irrigated troughs. Controlled with by computer, the cyclical system senses and equalizes nutrient levels, and waters seedlings on a regular schedule.

A lush growing space

The cultivation area features water-efficient drip irrigation hydroponics, high-capacity plant panels, and an innovate mobile rack system. Combined, these components create a 220 square-foot lush production space.

Hydroponics: Drip Irrigation System

The Container Farm’s cultivation area uses gravity to make a drip irrigation system possible. The irrigation system is automated to ensure plants’ success: Computer sensors senses and maintains nutrient levels and delivers water to the plants on a regular schedule.

The entire system uses as little water as possible, averaging just 18 liters per day. Smart drip emitters give plants just the right amount of water at the roots; gutters recapture any excess and return it to the main tank.