Our Business

Our Business

Market Analyses

At Dalilex Pty Ltd through The Container Farm we cater for the following markets Educational, Farm Expansion, Entrepreneur, CSI projects, Restaurants & Government

Educational Purpose

The Container Farm is used as a mobile classroom for educational purposes, offering students the opportunity to learn more about controlled environment, technology-based production and sustainability with the added bonus of providing fresh healthy vegetables to those students.

It is an educational tool and a mobile research centre that provides an opportunity for technology-based production under many different circumstances, often difficult, including harsh climates and remote environments. Our product caters for  Laboratories, Universities, Schools, etc.

Expand the local food market

The Container farm is bringing fresh, healthy produce to areas with challenges to accessing local food. The Container Farm is ideal for farmers who would like to expand their farming business. E.g. Commercial Farmers, small scale farmers, hobbyists, hydroponic enthusiasts, etc.

Provide Equal Employment Opportunities

Studies have shown that the practice of farming can be therapeutic and increase the quality of life of both children and adults, through The Container Farm  entrepreneur farming opportunities are  given to community members with special needs.

Our aim is to empowering them to participate in the workforce in ways that benefit both their personal health and the health of their own community in general. The benefit is realised when The Container Farm provides fresh produce to the community while providing veterans with occupational development therapy and on the  job training. We train and  support entrepreneurs with or without farming background from various backgrounds, old aged citizens, youth, female, disabled, etc.

Champion Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint are using container farms to offer great food at a low environmental cost,. The Container Farm is suitable for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives (CSI) through our farms, companies perform their social duties by donating these sustainable containerized food supply units to communities. At Dalilex Pty Ltd we have a department that deals directly with corporates on CSI initiatives and offers advice on the best solution for various societal needs.

Extend the Growing Season

The Container Farm enables farmers to grow fresh food year-round regardless of where they live. Using our hydroponics technology eliminates climate variability and allows farmers to keep their yields steady. Seasonal products can be grown all year round in the Container Farm, because factors such as temperature can be managed all year round. E.g. Commercial Farmers, small scale farmers, hobbyists, hydroponic enthusiasts, etc. This market forms part of the Farm Expansions.

Retail Stores

Supply students with the Freshest Produce Year-Round: A 2017 study by the Produce Marketing Association found that 55 percent of college students say fresh ingredients are the most important attributes of their campus food service–second only to taste (66 percent). As a result, independent food service operations and dining service vendors are providing students with locally grown greens all year. E.g. Restaurants, Farmer’s markets, Universities Dinners, Fruit and Vegetable retailers, at Dalilex Pty Ltd we have a solution through The Container Farm, entrepreneurs can now bring the farm closer to their customers to offer nutrient rich fresh produce.

Government Programs

The Container Farm is a tool to promote Community Revitalization through farming and localizing food production, jobs can be created and grow local economies such as Cooperatives, Old Age homes, Government poverty eradication schemes, etc.

In addion to the benefits of farm itself, The Container Farm will provide our customers with the many resources to enable them to become successful. Dalilex Pty Ltd.’s commitment to our customer’s success includes:

  1. Comprehensive in-farm and online training
  2. A resident plant expert who is available to all beginning farmers
  3. Monthly shipments of customized nutrients and seeds d.  Soware designed to opmize harvest yields and allow remote monitoring of crops and control of The Container Farm.
  4. And most importantly, access to Dalilex’s network of small business development agents who will be available for assistance and advice.

Coaching/ Mentorship

The strength of The Container Farm network will not be overstated; we will recruit professional farmers who have industry experience as mentors and coaches to each of our customers. Each the Coach/Mentor would have faced similar business challenges to those that our customers will inevitably face. By leveraging the soluons of fellow experienced farmers our customers can significantly reduce the risk associated with a new venture and move through challenges quickly and successfully.


Also key to our competitive advantage is pricing, most of the direct competition imports the complete product and sell local at a profit, lead times are always longer for imports, and our pricing comes below that of an imported product, imported parts are difficult to source and maintenance becomes a significant challenge when there’s no one locally to service the units. Dalilex Pty Ltd will leverage production of The Container Farm locally and create sustainable job opportunities and contribute towards the local economy by development of a network container farms that yield profits to our customers.