5 Channel Plant Panel

5 Channel Plant Panel

Grow up to 8,800 plants at once

The lightweight and sturdy removable panels are shaped from food-safe polystyrene. All five channels are paired with a reticulated foam growing medium and an an-drip wicking strip, giving the plants a growing structure and making sure moisture remains at the root.

Nourishing hydroponic systems

Two designated hydroponic methods optimize water delivery to plants at different stages of growth

Vertical farming on a commercial scale

Plant panels and adjustable rows maximize space in the farm to improve yields and unlock new farming styles.

Powerful LED arrays

Custom LEDs emit an intense amount of light that encourages the plants to grow strong without sunlight.

Climate-controlled smart farm

The Container Farm climate control components work together to recreate an ideal spring day, everyday.

A. Standard growing position

Typically, The Container Farm’s racks remain in four evenly- spaced rows, each 18 inches apart. Visual guides help operators reposition back to this default spacing.

B-F. Customizable spacing

Easily adjusted row widths for in-row transplanting, harvesting, cleaning, and maintenance. Additionally, create long-term changes by shifting and fixing rows to meet the spacing needs for different plant varieties.