Our Product

Our Product

The Container Farm is a custom designed and highly engineered stackable, mobile and fully customizable vertical production environment inside a 40ft Shipping Container, basically a farm environment inside a 40ft Container – this is a fully insulated 12m shipping container that has been specifically modified to provide the optimum controlled vertical environment for growing a wide range of horse cultural and agricultural products in any environments and climates. The results are a significantly higher yield in a shorter time than all conventional production methods. With The Container Farm it is now possible to grow almost anything, almost anywhere, through a hydroponic system.

The Smartest Farm inside a shipping container

We design and modify 40ft insulated shipping containers to provide the optimum controlled vertical environment for growing a wide range of horticultural, floriculture and agricultural products in all environments and climates. In addition to leafy greens one can also grow herbs and other shallow root crops, The Container Farm can also produce almost any Botanical Product used in industry such as pharmaceutical, Nutritional Supplements, Flavors, Fragrances and more.

Unlike a traditional farm, the plants in The Container Farm grow vertically indoors without soil, getting their nutrition from water and light energy from powerful LEDs. The result is a eco system that operates independently from land, climate, and season with the power to bring local food production directly to you, no matter where you are in Africa.

The Container climate control components work together to recreate an ideal spring day, every day. As a result, plants can thrive inside the container regardless of the external environment–harsh climates, tight urban centers, and extreme weather conditions have no effect on the plants growing inside.