About Us

About Us

Welcome To Dalilex Pty Ltd

Hydroponic Container Farm

Our aim is to serve fresh healthy vegetable produce to the consumers, restaurant and retail industry in South Africa 365 days a year!

Demand for local produce is booming and Dalilex Pty Ltd is perfectly positioned to increase the availability of “hyper local” foods for South Africans and provide a sustainable business opportunity for our customer. By utilizing the very best hydroponic farming technology, our customers will grow high value cash crops year-round with consistent high quality that is not possible with any outdoor farming through The Container Farm.

About Us

Dalilex Pty Ltd

Our world is changing and more people than ever are now living in highly populated, urban areas, and there’s an increasing demand for locally grown and sustainably produced food. People want to know the story behind the meal on their plates. And even city dwellers want their food to be fresh and full of nutrients, not pre-packaged and shipped from thousands of kilometres away.

Our climate continues to evolve, extreme weather conditions have become more common, and land and water are becoming scarcer. Large-scale food production and distribution has had a significant impact on the earth’s ecosystem, and it’s continues aect our water levels and biodiversity.

At Dalilex Pty Ltd we manufacture Hydroponic Container Farm called The Container Farm for the local Entrepreneurs, Organizations, Corporates and Government with the aim to oer fresh produce to the food industry in South Africa, using The Container Farm technology crops are grown for the market with the aim to support the growing local food movement in South Africa

Transparency is key to understanding where and how food is produced and Dalilex Pty Ltd through The Container Farm is committed to improving transparency in the food retail industry by growing ‘hyper-local’ produce in one of the most innovative hydroponic system available.

Growing in The Container Farm enables entrepreneurs to provide unparalleled transparency in all operations from seed to harvest and provides their customer with the certainty that they are using, receiving, buying, etc., produce grown via the best agricultural practices available.